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At JumpLife, we identify talent for companies that need highly qualified profiles.

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Is a company that was created to maximise employment opportunities for people in response to the huge demand for specialists from French companies during the recent COVID-19 pandemic.

Since then, we have perfected the methodological action of headhunting sufficiently to guarantee our clients the opportunities and training necessary to join the most sought-after sectors in the many French-speaking countries.


Our mission as a company is to change the lives of hundreds of people, provide excellent service to our partners and generate thousands of opportunities for our customers every day.

Thus, our success is based on personalised attention to each of the people who trust Jumplife to change their professional lives, guaranteeing them opportunities that match their aspirations and the training they need to gain creditable access to the positions offered by the most outstanding companies.


Teamwork and commitment to our clients are non-negotiable values, as they have enabled us to achieve the satisfaction of each and every person who works with us on a daily basis.

Finally, we work every day with the commitment to provide the means for thousands of people to realise their dreams.


Leave the search for professionals with an excellent profile in our hands. Do not hesitate and contact us.


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